What do we want?

As an umbrella organization, we want to go public together and educate the population about hurdles in the Swiss healthcare system from the patients' perspective and present solutions. We communicate in a target group-oriented way in various traditional and modern media (print press, online media, social media). We aim to raise broad awareness with public national campaigns in three national languages. Within this context, we participate in public debates on relevant topics. We conduct joint campaigns and events in order to feel the pulse of the grassroots and adequately represent patients in the cause. We want to give Swiss haemato-oncology patients a voice that is heard.


One of the ways HOPOS strives to bring about change in the healthcare system and bring in patient voice and expertise is through discussions. Round table discussions with other stakeholders in the Swiss healthcare system are expedient in building a medicine of the future with the consultation and participation of patients and patient organizations. Here you will find recorded panel discussions organized by HOPOS in the future.

We organize press conferences, panel discussions, webinars and other events that provide information and knowledge for haemato-oncology patients. Information about on-site events or online conferences can be found on our social media channel (Twitter) and on our website.

Safe-the-date: Rare Disease Day in Switzerland 2022

Saturday March 5, 2022, 9:45 a.m.-4:00 p.m. via video conference


By means of webinars, we provide knowledge and information specifically for hemato-oncology patients.


COVID-19 and its vaccinations: Things to know and questions and answers about vaccinations against the coronavirus.

It explains Christoph Hauser, MD, FMH for Infectiology, Infectiocura AG, Lindenhofspital, CH-3001 Bern.

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Links to organizations and companies involved in haemato-oncological research.

Health policy

Links to offices, organizations and companies that are stakeholders in the field of health policy.
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